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Personal Climbing Equipment - Where to start?

Updated: Jan 13, 2023


DMM Renegade 2.0 harness:

DMM Renegade or Viper are great starter harness with good features; floating waistband (great when adding layers in winter), minimum 5 gear loops, padded, quick-lock fastenings (or often called slide lock).

DMM Renegade harness in action!

Climbing shoes:

Below are 4 different shoes. All nice starter shoes, gentle and comfortable options. There are other options on the market but these 4 give you an overview of that a starter shoe would look like. Nothing too “banana” shaped.

As you progress up the climbing grades you might then opt for a shoe with a more “aggressive” downturn and more of an edge.

With shoes getting the right size can be tricky! Each brand will come up different in the sizes and often you might have to go bigger than high street size for your first shoe. We always recommend comfort as this will encourage you to use your feet well. Your toes should be touching the ends of your shoes but not be squashed. As you prioress up climbing grade you might then opt for a more snug fit but we still believe in comfort as we love our trad adventures.

Some people may opt to wear a thin pair of socks with their climbing shoes. Starting out on easy grade this is ok. You might find that as your progress up the grades you opt to loose the sock to stop unwanted movement and to increase sensitivity/ feedback.



We give our clients a Borneo helmet size M-L.

Lightweight (but not the lightest on the market). Has a hard shell outer making it a bit more durable in terms of minor bumps and scuffs and reasonably priced.

Chalk Bag:

Lots of options and not too technical so no link included.

Chalk bags now include different features like zipped pockets etc. Can also choose to purchase a chalk bag from recycled materials, vegan friendly or ethically produced.

Different sizes are available, we often suggest a larger size to avoid any unwanted struggles in moments of panic!

Belay Device:

There are many different belay devices on the market (hundreds!). We will have discussed the different types, uses, benefits and limitations on your course so this is just a quick reference to one option we use. For more information please enquire.

DMM Mantis Takes a good range of rope diameters, non-assisted braking device, takes two ropes, teeth for additional grip.

Don’t forget a Carabiner to go with device! This will need to be a HMS carabiner. We recommend the DMM HMS Shadow due to its size, can take two clove hitched on a 10mm rope, diverse.

DMM Pack:

DMM offer a pack which includes a harness, belay plate, carabiner, chalk bag and chalk. Usually works out more cost effective than buying individually. This pack includes the same as everything listed above.


All the above are just examples of kit available. There are other options on the market if you so wish.

We have selected items from one retailer but there are many other retailers that stock these items also.

We have included brief outlines of why we have included each piece of equipment but there is much more discussion to be had on each topic so please discuss on our course if you would like to know more.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Baz & Georgia

Crag 2 Mountain


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