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Why Adventure Therapy

The therapeutic benefits of being outdoors in nature should not be under estimated. Adventure therapy offers a powerful pathway to improving physical and emotional well-being. The NHS, along with other studies, has recognised the benefits of adventure led activities such as Climbing. Outdoors activities and adventure sports are a superb way of supporting rehabilitation, improving physical and emotional well-being of children and adults with disabilities or difficulties, and building self-confidence, self-belief, belonging and emotional resilience. For more information about the benefits of adventure therapy please see our blog. 

Why Us

Georgia, who runs our Adventure Therapy, is a qualified Outdoors Instructor with experience as a Physiotherapist in paediatrics and mental health care. For many years Georgia has worked with youth groups, the National Autistic Society and provided Enabling. 

Georgia believes that being physically active in the outdoors is the best way to promote independence, quality of life, mental wellbeing, confidence and resilience.

With strong links supporting outdoors adventure activities as beneficial for our emotional and mental wellbeing and resilience, we couldn't think of a better holistic therapy approach then Adventure Therapy. 

What Adventure Therapy Includes

All Adventure Therapy sessions include a free initial meeting and discounted introductory period. 

All our Adventure Therapy sessions are run on a bespoke basis to suit each individual child. 

Sessions can be run 1:1 or as a small group.  

Activities Included in Adventure Therapy


The following activities can be included in adventure therapy sessions:

  •  Indoors Climbing / bouldering.

  •  Map reading and compass skills.

  •  Moorland walking - nature exploring, history discovery, river walks, story telling walks and more. 

  •  Bushcraft

  •  Climbing Skills (understanding the ropes)

  •  Rock Climbing (with parent supervision)

  •  Orienteering

  •  Caving (with parent supervision)  


Please enquire for more information.