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Geri is a navigation instructor, moorland guide and nature enthusiast.  People say she is 'a great teacher and leader' but she is incapable of spending a day on the hills without mentioning lichen.

Hill & Moorland Leader Guide, Dartmoor Devon



Full time instructor, passionate about sharing and encouraging people of all ages to enjoy the outdoors, frequently found climbing, paddling, walking, and teaching navigation! Terrible jokes,   but usually has chocolate.


Outdoor Instructor Dartmoor, Devon




Chris is a Mountain Leader who loves inspiring others to enjoy the crags, hills and mountains and is passionate about developing people's skills to enjoy the outdoors safely. He's developed his own skills to a high standard, from climbing sea stacks in Scotland to ski mountaineering in the Alps.



I have always loved the outdoors since I was little but climbing has always been what I enjoyed the most. I am currently a member of the mountaineering society at Manchester University where I study Biology but every weekend is spent out in the Peak district. It is my goal to gain my climbing and mountaineering qualifications so I can pick up and pass on skills that allow myself and others to explore more great places like these.

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