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Updated: Jan 13, 2023

We shared a brief moment of TV air time on ITV Cornwall & Devon Walks with Julia Bradbury!

Julia Bradbury is well known for her Outdoors Guide, sharing top tips and walk recommendations. A great way to check out new places to explore!

In the recent episode 3 of Cornwall & Devon Walks, Julia Bradbury visits Dartmoor taking in the local history, myths and legends and even Rock Climbing! Julia talks about the history surrounding Haytor and Hound Tor, visit locals and explores the breathtaking scenery.

As part of her visit, we were fortunate enough to take Julia Bradbury Rock Climbing at Haytor. Julia made this such a pleasuarable experience, oozing enthusiasm. A very genuine experience. Not to mention how Julia cruised her way up the rocks!

Neither Baz nor Georgia was too sure what to expect from the filming day or the episode itself. They eagerly awaited the release to see the morning of filming unfold!

To check out Julia Bradbury’s walk or more episode details please see below:

For more information on your own rock climbing experience please visit the website or email us:

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