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Crag 2 Mountain are approved providers of the nationally accredited Mountain Training Rock Skills scheme. Crag 2 Mountain also offer their own progressive Rock Climbing scheme; Introduction to Rock Climbing Day, Rock Climbing Skills Course and Rope Rigging Course.  


Both the above schemes offer similar course content with a few slight differences. Both are accessible to beginners and those with experience therefore it is personal choice to which you choose.

Mountain Training Rock Skills are nationally accredited. Mountain Training Rock Skills Introduction is the equivalent course to Crag 2 Mountain's Introduction to Rock Climbing Day but is has the additional component of learning about Bouldering. 

Mountain Training Rock Skills Intermediate course is Crag 2 Mountain's Rock Climbing Skills Course and Rope Rigging Course combined into one 2 day course. 

Who is it for? 

Beginners and those who have some experience of indoor climbing wanting to try climbing on real rock.


Minimum age is 14 years old and there is no maximum age. 

For the equivalent course for under 14's please see Rock Climbing Taster or Rock Adventure Session

Experience required: 

No experience required.


A fun filled day with as much Rock Climbing and abseiling as possible. The perfect day to take your first steps to climbing outdoors on rock and learning the fundamental basics of rock climbing skills. 

Course Details

Contact time:

1 full day 

Group size:

Max. 8 people

Course content:

Fundamental climbing skills,

Basic equipement,

Technical skills- tying in, belaying and abseils,

Environmental knowledge, 

A variety of climbs throughout the day 

Location :


Dewerstone Rocks, Dartmoor

Course cost:


£50 per person.

Outcomes of the Course

To have lots of outdoors climbing experience over the course of the day. 

To be on your way to understanding the technical skills of tying in and belaying. 


To be inspired to continue climbing and learning new skills. 

Be ready to attend a progression course.

Next progression:

Mountain Training Rock Skills Intermediate CourseRock Climbing Skills Course, Rope Rigging Course, Coaching or Bespoke Climbing Sessions

Who is it for? 

For people with some experience of climbing wanting to learn more about rock climbing.


Minimum age is 14 years old and there is no maximum. 

For the equivalent course for under 14's please see Kid's Rock Skills Course

Experience required: 

To have attended an introductory rock climbing course 


To have the experience of climbing and belaying outdoors.

Course Details

Contact time: 

1 day

Group size:

Max. 6 people

Course content:

Introduction to guide books 

Increasing your climbing movement skills, 

Discuss footwear and equipment, 

Introduction to climbing protection,

Technical skills - belaying and tying in,

 Bottom roping and top roping

How to be a competently second routes and lead belay, 

Personal abseils.

Environment and access.

Location :


Dewerstone Rocks or Sheeps Tor, Dartmoor

Course cost:

£60 per person

Outcomes of the Course

To have had lots of experience of outdoors climbing throughout the course.


To be in a strong position to second and lead belay a lead climber outdoors, climbing in a safe manner. ​

To be confident belaying and tying in. 


Have a basic understanding of climbing protection.  

Next progression:

Rope Rigging, Mountain Training Rock Skills IntermediateLearn to Lead, Coaching or Bespoke Rock Climbing


Rock Climbing Skills course is ideal if you have some experience of climbing and want to learn about traditional climbing protection and how to be competent second.

Who is it for? 

For people wanting to rig outdoors climbs. 

This course is ideal for those with some outdoors experience, not yet ready to lead climb outdoors but wanting to get out climbing safely and independently.

This is an ideal step for those working towards Rock Climbing Instructor Training. 

Also, this course is great for parents of children that wish to pursue climbing outdoors safely.


Minimum age is 14 years old and there is no maximum. 

Experience required: 

Experience is not essential however, it would be useful to have a basic understanding of traditional rock climbing gear (or attend a Rock Climbing Skills Course prior to the rope rigging course). 

Course Details

Contact time: 


1 day course. 

Group size:


Max. 4 people 

Course content:

​Selecting anchors, 

Building anchors,

Joining protection, 

Rigging Top & Botton ropes,

Self protection,

Understanding related safety and potential hazards. 

Location :


Dewstone, Dartmoor

Course cost:

£75 per person

Outcomes of the Course

To have an understanding of what Top rope & Bottom rope systems involve. 

Understanding how to select and place protection. 

Be able to build anchors. 

To know how to set up Top & Bottom ropes to be climbed. 

To know how to work safely around the crag.

Next progression:

Progression form this course varies dependent on personal objectives. Please ask for advice. 


This course is ideal for anyone wanting to set up climbs outdoor safely.