Our Home Education Map & Compass Skills Sessions are the perfect opportunity to learn the foundation skills towards becoming an independent navigator. The skills learnt in each session will be tailored to the children in the group.This is the perfect opportunity to get out walking on the moors and discover new places, learning about Dartmoor and Nature along our journey. Children will be given the opportunity to gain the National Navigation Award Scheme - Outdoors Discovery Award. The Outdoor Discovery Award has three progressive levels (1 star, 2 star and 3 star) that the children achieve as they achieve the skills relevant to each level. If your child wishes to gain an Outdoors Discovery Award level they will need to attend multiple sessions. It takes children a minimum of three sessions to learn all the relevant skills to gain one star level but the actual number of sessions required is dependant on each individual child.Children can progress up through all three levels through attending these sessions. Monday morning sessions 10am-1pm are for children aged 10 and over and costs £15 per child per session.Monday afternoon sessions 1:30pm-3:30pm are for children aged 7-9 and costs £10 per child per session.Friday Sessions are open to all ages! If you have a child younger than 7 that is interested please email us.

Home Education Map & Compass Skills

Session Time
  • This course will be run by a qualified Mountain leader or higher who is a National Navigation Award Scheme Provider.

  • We will meet you Hay Tor

Princetown, Dartmoor





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