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Crag 2 Mountain

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"Inspiring Adventure"

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Scrambling Adventure



Our Scrambling Adventure Session is the chance to experience some amazing activities on Dartmoor all in one session.


This session will take place at Greator. The first part of the session is working as a team to navigate to the start of the Ridge Top Scramble via a Moorland Walk with all the kit and equipment. Once we arrive, we will gear up for a Rock Climb up to the start of the Scramble.


We will split into two teams and you will climb the shoulder of the Tor to gain the ridge. You will then get to scramble along the top of Greator taking in the amazing views and learning about the medieval village.


Before reaching the summit there are some Weaselling holes to negotiate. Weaselling is a great activity of crawling and squeezing through holes and passages in the Tor.


Once we have reach the summit we move along the ridge towards our abseil point. From here we abseil back down the Tor and then work as a team to navigate our way back to the start.


This session is suitable for all ages and abilities. Children under 7 will need to be accompanied by an adult on the scramble.


This session will be run by two fully qualified Rock Climbing Instructors and a fully qualified Mountain Leader.

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