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Crag 2 Mountain

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"Inspiring Adventure"

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Meet Georgia

I am Georgia, co-owner of Crag 2 Mountain and Assistant Instructor. I have been privileged to be a part of the business for 3 years.


I am a qualified Physiotherapist with a passion for being outdoors. My passion for climbing and Mountaineering first became a reality in 2013, when I was a mentor to enable children with disabilities to explore the outdoors through adventure activities. Experiencing the enjoyment, sense of achievement, challenge and empowerment that climbing gave these children enhanced my love for the sport even further. This experience gave me a determination to continue making climbing and mountaineering accessible to all and to teacher others how to enjoy such an amazing activity safely. I hoped to inspire children, families and adults to enjoy the outdoors through sharing my skills and experience.


I supported children to experience climbing as a mentor but it wasn’t until meeting Baz that my own climbing experiences started to grow! My first trad climb was following a self protected abseil down the sea cliffs in Swanage, Dorset in September 2015.


My next adventure was a scramble across Grib Croch, Snowdon. This was my first time in the mountains and was my first summit. It was absolute breathtaking and I was in ore of my surroundings. It was one of the most peaceful, tranquil and humbling places I had ever experienced and gave me a thirst to experience more. This was followed by an abundance of mountain climbing routes in North Wales. Of which my favourite route had to be 90 meters of VDiff Climbing on Flying Buttress, Dinas Cromlech. This was my favourite because of the shire exposure of the route.


I continued to seek challenges and exposure from climbing when I then did my first ever lead outdoors on pre-placed gear in the Peak Districts, only 2 months after my first outdoors climb. A few months later I was alternate leading multi-pitch climbs. It wasn’t long until I was well away with lead climbing and gained a whole load more climbing adventure stories to tell.


Although I enjoyed exposure in climbing and my development in climbing was going well, it was not all plain sailing. For me, the approach to climbs on steep mountainous terrain proved a difficulty. I found it unnerving and my confidence would spiral downwards until I became unable to move (or at least unable to move at a speed that wouldn’t mean we would be there until dark). Often this would end up with us having to use roped-up scrambling techniques to help me feel more secure. However, once I was at the base of our climb I would be absolutely fine. It was like I had developed a fear of steep approaches or un-roped scrambles. This started to impact our mountaineering. As the routes we wanted to do became longer and harder, the speed and confidence on the approaches became increasingly more important. Baz and I have worked hard as a partnership to over come this obstacle by continued exposure and practice and by increasing my confidence in my own ability on steep terrain.


Once I felt more confident in the mountains, I then challenged myself to the next level and started winter mountaineering in 2016/2017. After spending a month in the Scottish mountains I grew in confidence and ability. My next step is to start leading some winter climbs.


After I was a part of the business it soon became time to try caving. I was anxious and worried about trying caving. I have never been a fan of small space and it was the one adventure activity I endeavour to avoid as a child and up until now I had been successful at avoiding going in a small space underground. However, it became time for me to give it a go. To my complete surprise I actually enjoyed it! All the anxiety I had for caving was subsided once I was in the cave. The experience was like nothing I had ever experienced before and I found myself intrigued to learn more. The large open caverns made it comfortable and the structure of the cave allowed me to challenge myself going through different sized holes when I felt ready. Caving still isn’t my favourite activity but what I do love is enabling others to overcome their fears and worries, and experiencing the amazement and achievement on other people’s faces when they get experience the cave. I especially enjoy watching children explore and grow in knowledge as they discover new environments.

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